Volunteering Stories

We work with volunteers across Merton in all kinds of projects. Volunteers are all ages and have a huge range of different interests and areas of involvement. Take a look at the case studies below to see the wide variety of ways in which people contribute to our borough.

If you feel inspired then why not look at our volunteering opportunities or consider volunteering with one of the projects we run at MVSC


Clare Jefferies Abdulrahim Eileen Michael Alex
Walter Clare

Play Dates

Toyin John
Sophie Indigo Planning Valerie  Robert  Kendra
Helen  Lorraine Mervin Stuart Nicola and Andrew
Monica Christina Helen Lee Tony L
Cathy Terry June Tony C Aisha
Clair Elias Ray Bec Kara
Susanna Norman Clare Joan Julie
Sivasankaran Liam Peter Maureen Amy
Slawek Darren Jane Don Alice
Peggy Julie Gareth Philip  Andrew