Our vision & mission

Since mid 2014 Volunteer Centre Merton has been part of MVSC. 

Volunteering is a key focus of our organisation, at the heart of what we do and at the core of civil society in Merton. Through our volunteering services and dedicated website, we provide a conduit between those who wish to volunteer and the many volunteering opportunities available in the borough.

It is our vision to create a thriving Merton community where people’s lives are enriched by voluntary and community action. It is our mission to inspire and develop an excellent voluntary and community sector in Merton.

Our objectives and services

Encourage, support and develop volunteering and voluntary and community action:      

  • Enhance the recruitment, promotion and management of volunteers in Merton
  • Raise awareness of volunteering, gain recognition for the contribution of volunteers and highlight issues affecting volunteers
  • Deliver good practice support for organisations involving volunteers in their work
  • Provide information and advice about volunteering
  • Training for organisations and volunteers
  • Youth, Public Service and Supported Volunteering.

Identify changing and emerging need and respond with development 

  • Identify changing and emerging social and community needs and work with communities, the sector and public and private agencies to address them.